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Thor (2011)
Director: Kenneth Branagh

Writers: Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz and Don Payne. Based on the work of Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby.

  • Winner of Best Costume
  • Nominated for Best Fantasy Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Production Design


Thor is a vanity god and is punished by his father to live powerless on Earth.

Main Characters:

  1. THOR (hero)
  2. LOKI (villain)
  3. ODIN (mentor)
  4. JANE (lover)
  5. 4 WARRIORS (ally)

Milestones (FIRST ACT):

  1. Ordinary World: Thor starts a war
  2. Meeting the Mentor: Thor's father curses him and takes his weapon.
  3. Call to Adventure: Odin sends Thor to Earth in order to punish him.

Milestones (SECOND ACT):

  1. Crossing the First Threshold: Thor falls on Earth and hits Jane.
  2. Meeting the Goddess: Jane helps Thor. She takes him to the hospital and gives him cloths. They make eye contact and establish a connection.
  3. Thor hears about a fallen satellite (his hammer) and decides to go take it as a way back home. The Government confiscates Jane's equipment and research.
  4. Making Enemies: Loki finds out he is adopted by Odin and since he is a ice-monster he will never be king. Now Loki envies Thor even more. Odin faints and falls into a deep sleep. Loki declares himself king and refuses to forgive Thor.
  5. Meeting the Goddess (Loki): Loki talks with his adopted mother and she advices to never lose hope on Odin and Thor.
  6. Making Allies: Jane offers Thor the ride.
  7. Set of Trials: Thor breaks through the government restricted area in order to recover the hammer and Jane's gear.
  8. Fail: Thor can't lift his own hammer and is captured by the the security.
  9. Crossing the Second Threshold: Thor is captured and interrogated. Loki appears to him and lies about Odin's death and that in order to keep peace his mother prohibited that Thor is brought back home.
  10. Making Enemies: Thor is released and the security orders to his helpers to follow Thor. Loki fails to lift the hammer as well.
  11. Love in the Underworld: Thor and Natalie talk around the fire. He gives her the notebook with her notes and explains to her about the scandinavian mythology.
  12. Making Allies: The four warriors decide to go to Earth in order to find Thor. The Night Guardian helps them to achieve that. They find Thor and tell him Odin is alive.
  13. Belly of the Whale: Thor is sacrificed to save the life of his friends. Loki kills him.
  14. Resurrection and Elixir: The good will of Thor makes his hammer return to him. He becomes a god again. Thor wakes up and defeats the warrior of Loki.
  15. The Inmost Cave: Thor goes back to his kingdom and enters his father chamber where he finds his mother and Loki.
  16. The Ultimate Boon: Loki and Thor fight each other. Thor uses his hammer to break the rainbow bridge as the only way to protect Earth from Loki.
  17. Atonement with the Father: Thor falls into the universe but his father grabs him. Loki sees that his father prefers Thor, so he releases his hold on Thor and let himself fall into space.
  18. Belly of the Whale: Jane feels sad now that the bridge disappears and Thor doesn't go back. Thor misses Jane as well.

Milestones (THIRD ACT):

  1. Reward: Odin says he is proud of Thor.

Final Feedback: The most interesting aspect of Thor is the fact it is part of a franchise. Therefore, the movie has not a conclusive end and it is to be continued. The third act is not finished but the reward of Thor, his misbehavior corrected and the villain's plot about a possible revenge.
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