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Eddie The Eagle (2016)
Directed by Dexter Fletcher
Written by Sean Macaulay and Simon Kelton


The story of Eddie Edwards, the notoriously tenacious British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Main Characters:

  1. EDDIE - (hero)
  2. MOM and PETRA - (ally)
  3. BRONSON - (mentor)

Milestones (FIRST ACT):

  1. Ordinary World: Eddie is a clumsy boy who always dreamt of being an Olympic athlete.
  2. Call for Adventure:

Milestones (SECOND ACT):

  1. Crossing the Threshold: Eddie arrives in Germany and starts his training.
  2. Making Enemies: The other players laugh at Eddie.
  3. Making Ally: Eddie becomes friends with Petra who owns a bar there. She takes care of him.
  4. Set of Trial: Eddie practices. He starts at the smallest track.
  5. Meeting the Mentor: Eddie meets Bronson who used to be a great jumper. At first he refuses to help Eddie out but he is convinced of his passion and determination.
  6. Set of Trial: After his new training Eddie manages to get just enough points to go to the Olympics.
  7. Crossing the Second Threshold: Eddie goes to the Olympics
  8. Making Enemy: Eddie has a hard time with the other players.
  9. Set of Trial: He manages to land safe but finish in last place. People seem to love him but he is a joke.

Milestones (THIRD ACT):

  1. Approaching the Inmost Cave: Eddie decides he must jump from the tallest track and prove to everyone what he is capable of.
  2. Resurrection with Elixir: Eddie gets scared but Bronson shows up and cheers him up. He gives Eddie a pep talk and now he is ready to win.
  3. Freedom to Live: Eddie breaks the British record with a low score and goes back home as a winner.
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