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Inside Out (2015)
Directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen
Written by Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen, Meg LeFauve and Josh Cooley


After young Riley is uprooted from her Midwest life and moved to San Francisco, her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness - conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school.

Main Characters:

  1. JOY - (hero)
  2. SADNESS and BING BONG - (ally)
  3. ANGER, FEAR and DISGUST - (ally)

Milestones (FIRST ACT):

  1. Ordinary World: Riley has her emotions controlled mostly by Joy.
  2. Making Ally: Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust share the control room of Riley with Joy during her life.
  3. Call for Adventure: Joy and Sadness are sucked to the Long Memory Land when they try to save the Core Memories.

Milestones (SECOND ACT):

  1. Set of Trial: Sadness knows the way back but she doesn't has the energy to do it. She guides Joy.
  2. Making Ally: They meet Bing Bong - Riley's imaginary friend who takes them a short cut through Imaginary Land.
  3. Set of Trial: They cross Imaginary Land and see that Riley's personality is falling apart. They must hurry up. They take the train but it is not working because Riley is not awake. They try to wake her up in the Dream Studios but Bing Bong is taken to the subconscious prison. They go after him, rescue him and use one of Riley's fear to wake her up.
  4. Crossing the Second Threshold: When the train is back on working and going to the headquarter, the track starts to fall apart because of the lack of another personality structure. Joy and Bing Bong fall in the forgotten zone.
  5. Belly of the Whale: In there Joy starts to understand that Riley should not be happy everytime. She sees that sadness is a step to reach happiness.
  6. Set of Trials: Bing Bong and Joy try to use the imaginary car to get out of there. They fail multiple times.
  7. Love in the Underworld: Bing Bong understands he is overweight in the car and he has to sacrifice himself to Riley has a chance to be happy again.

Milestones (THIRD ACT):

  1. Approaching the Inmost Cave: Joy leaves the Forgotten Zone with the Core Memories and looks for Sadness who is depressed for being useless to Riley. Joy is able to send Sadness in a cloud headed to the Headquarter and follow her just after. At this moment Riley has left home and is inside a bus back to Minnesota.
  2. Resurrection with Elixir: Inside the Headquarter Joy convinces Sadness that she is the only one able to take the running away idea from Riley's head, that Riley must have sad moments as well. Sadness gets courage and does just that. However, Sadness sees that Joy misses the to be in control and she invites her to move Riley together. Riley starts to produce memories that are happy and sad at the same time.
  3. Freedom to Live: Riley is a happy girl, adapted to new city, with friends and hobbies. A new control board arrives, much more complex, ready for puberty. Now Riley has many more personality lands and memory cores.
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