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The Lego Movie (2014)
Written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller


Emmet is an ordinary lego of Lego Land but people believe he might be The Special, able to save the world against Lord Business, because he found the Piece of Resistance.

Main Characters:

  1. EMMET - (hero)
  2. WILDSTYLE (goddess/mentor/ally)
  3. VITRUVIUS (mentor/ally)
  4. BAD COP (enemy)
  5. LORD BUSINESS (enemy)

Milestones (FIRST ACT):

  1. Ordinary World: Emmet lives by himself in the Lego World where "everything is awesome". He works at the construction business and read a book of instructions on how to behave to meet people.
  2. Meeting the Goddess (00:07:40): He hears a sound and someone suspicious looking in the pieces of the wrecked buildings. She removes the hood and reveals to be a beautiful girl.
  3. Meeting the Mentor/Call to Adventure (00:09:40): He falls into a hole. Down the hole he finds and touches the magical lego piece of resistance. He hears the prophecy and sees the mentor during a hallucination. When he wakes up the piece is attached on his back.

Milestones (SECOND ACT):

  1. Crossing the First Threshold (00:11:00): The threshold guard is a bipolar police officer
  2. Making Enemies (00:13:00): The police officer leaves him to melt and die.
  3. Making Ally (00:14:00): Wildstyle rescues him from the melting machine.
  4. Making Enemies (00:13:00): Lord Business has a plan to destroy the world in 3 days and is decided to go after Bruce.
  5. Making Ally (00:30:00): Emmet meets Vitrivius in the bar. Vitrivius enters Emmet's mind and decides that he will train him to become a Master Builder.
  6. Set of Trials (00:33:00): The three of them get surrounded by the Bad Cop. A shooting starts. They must make contact with the others Masters Builders. Bruce passes the first trial when he uses his head to repair the carriage so they could escape.
  7. Making Ally (00:35:00): Batman, Wildstyle's boyfriend shows up, saves the day and take them to a new universe.
  8. Crossing the Second Threshold (00:40:00): Emmet is presented to the Mesters Builders as the saver in the Cloud Cucooland. They refuse Emmet. The place is invaded by the Bad Cop and his team. The Unikitty, Batman,Spaceman, Vitrivius and Wildstyle build a submarine.
  9. Set of Trials (00:50:00): The submarine sinks. Wildstyle tries to save Emmet. They survive thanks to the sofa Emmet built. Emmet suggest them to build a ordinary spaceship to invade the villain's tower. Millennial Falcon appears and Batman takes his chance to go away. It breaks Wildstyle's heart. Batman comes back with the piece that was necessary for them to build the spaceship, stolen from Millenial Falcon.
  10. The Inmost Cave (01:00:00): Emmet lead them inside the tower with the steps of his plan.
  11. Love in the Underworld (01:02:00): Wildstyle and Emmet, alone, they confess to each other their true feelings.
  12. Belly of the Whale (01:07:00): Vitrivius confess to Emmet that the prophecy was made up. Lord Business destroys the piece of resistance, betrays bad cop and actuates the frezzing of the world. The Masters ask Emmet about what to do. He doesn't believe on himself anymore. Emmet listens to the ghost of Vitrivius that says he should do something to save them. Emmet jumps into space with the battery of the tower on his back. He sacrifices himself to save them all.
  13. Making Ally (01:16:00) : Wildstyle doesn't let Emmet sacrifice go in vain so she goes on television and tell the Lego World. Bad Cop becomes Good Cop again and helps the group.
  14. Crossing the Second Threshold (01:17:00): Emmet appears in the real world and sees a father and a son fighting because of Lego Land.
  15. Resurrection and Elixir (01:20:00): The boy places Emmet back in the Lego Land with the piece of resistance.
  16. The Ultimate Boon (01:27:00): The speech of Emmet (and the boy) works. Lord business close the clue. The whole place explodes.

Milestones (THIRD ACT):

  1. Reward/Freedom to Live: (01:31:00): Emmet survives the explosion. Wildstyle declares his love for him. The boy is allowed to play with his father's legos.​

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