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Bonitinha mas Ordinária (2013)
Director: Moacyr Góes

Writer: Moacyr Góes, based on Nelson Nodrigues's book.


Peixoto offers to Edgar to marry Cecilia, the traumatized daugther of Dr. Werneck, his boss.

Main Characters:

  1. EDGAR (hero)
  2. PEIXOTO (mentor/ally)
  3. RITINHA (victim)
  4. DR. WERNECK (villain)
  5. CECILIA (victim/villain)

Milestones (FIRST ACT):

  1. Ordinary World: Edgar drinks with his friend Peixoto in the bar. They are both very drunk.
  2. Call to Adventure: Peixoto offers Edgar to marry Cecilia. He tells him she is pretty and rich but she was raped by five men in the slums.
  3. First Hook: Edgar doesn't think too much. He accepts the deal.
  4. Second Call to Adventure: Peixoto goes to Edgar's apartment in the next morning and has to convince him one more time. This time, sober.
  5. Hook: Edgar is convinced again to marry Cecilia. However he shows he is not very certain of his decision.
  6. Meeting the Goddess: Edgar meets Ritinha at the street and takes her to the school. In the way he teels her he will get married and confess to her she is the one he loves. He almost rapes her untill a begger appears. He feels ashamed and apologize.

Milestones (SECOND ACT):

  1. Crossing the First Threshold: Peixoto takes Edgar to talk with Dr. Werneck in order to close the deal.
  2. Making Enemies: Dr. Werneck makes Edgar feels bad about himself.
  3. Meeting the Goddess/Finding Love in the Underworld: Peixoto takes Cecilia to convince Edgar. She declares her love to him since she was a child.
  4. Crossing the First Threshold: Peixoto takes Edgar to talk with Dr. Werneck in order to close the deal.
  5. Making Enemies: Dr. Werneck makes Edgar feels bad about himself.
  6. Temptation: Cecilia asks Edgar to go talk to her father. Edgar visists him in the gym and Dr. Werneck gives Edgar a R$5.000.000 check. He tempts Edgar to tear it if he is as good as he says. Edgar keeps the check.
  7. Belly of the Whale: Edgar picks Ritinha at school at takes her to graveyard. He tells her he will marry Cecilia and she tells him she is a prostitute. He leaves her.
  8. Meeting the Mentor: Peixoto and Edgar drink in the bar. Peixoto tells him only good people suffer, so he should marry Cecilia. Edgar says he will marry her but not for the money!
  9. Crossing the Second Threshold: Cecilia takes Edgar to the slum and tells him about the night she was raped. He kisses her but she is not satisfied. She says he is too sweet with her. Edgar doesn't understand what she means.
  10. Approaching the Cave: Edgar meets Ritinha. He tells her he is rich and can pay her to have sex with him.
  11. Resurrection (of Ritinha): Ritinha explains to Edgar that she became a prostitute to help her mother but she loves him and would never have sex with him for money.
  12. Crossing the Third Threshold: Peixoto takes Edgar to Werneck's party.
  13. The Cave: Edgar watches the sex party of Werneck from a distance. He runs back home. At home, the mother of Edgar asks him to give her the five millions. He refuses and says he will destroy it. They fight. His mother says he is just like the dead father: stupid, crazy and selfish.
  14. Belly of the Whale: Edgar says to Ritinha she should kill herself.
  15. The Ultimate Boon (of Peixoto): Edgar finds Cecilia at the house of Werneck. Peixoto shows up and confess she asked him to hire the five men to rape her. Peixoto kills Cecilia in the swimming pool.
  16. Atonement with the Father: Edgar goes home, opens the wallet to tear the check and sees the picture of his father. He cries.​

Milestones (THIRD ACT):

  1. Crossing the Return Threshold: Edgar says he loves Ritinha even knowing she was a prostitute. He convinces her to go to the beach to see the sunrise.

  2. Reward/Sacred Marriage: Edgar and Ritinha stay together at the beach. He loves her and she loves him.

  3. Magic Flight: They go to the sea.

Final Feedback:

It is hard to say where in the storyline is the Ultimate Boon of Edgar. His goal at first was to get rich, then it was to have Ritinha and later it was to tear the check.
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